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Phthalates in mac and cheese and the damage to your health

Honestly, did anyone ever think that powdered orange stuff would be good for us? This article recently appeared in the New York Times. Read the full article here: The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese. Potentially harmful chemicals that were banned from children’s...

Are high intensity workouts good for all ages?

Is interval training only beneficial to younger folks? Read more in: High-Intensity Workouts May Be Good at Any Age Abbreviated, intense workouts may help people of any age become healthier, a new study of old mice that ran on treadmills suggests. Although the...

Workout while you wait… at the airport

Turn your layover into a workout Read more in: How to Burn Hundreds of Calories During Your Layover I’m here to provide some realistic tips for how to successfully complete a workout in the airport. Many blogs and opinion pieces out there will talk about sequestering...

Is your cup o joe a health food?

Is coffee really a health food? Read more in: Coffee: The science behind the health claims Coffee contains a complex mix of molecules, including caffeine, antioxidants, and carcinogenic substances. News proclaiming the health benefits of coffee is aplenty. The claims...

Can you make yourself into a morning person?

Can a night owl change her colors? Read more in: I Tried to Become a Morning Person and This Is What Happened For most of my life, I woke up to at least two alarms — one next to my bed and another across the room to make snoozing more difficult. I would walk back and...