Personal Training

Personal Training at Milton Hill Sport & Spa

We will perform a complete fitness evaluation. The clients’ lifestyle, health concerns, desired weight, and fitness goals are then used by the Trainer to design a specialized exercise, stretching, and strengthening program that best suits the individual. All training One- on-One or Two– on– One, providing maximum safety, effectiveness, and convenience.

Nutritional Counseling

We will tailor counseling on an individual basis. The focus is to increase the patient’s overall well-being and aid them in achieving their desired goals. Counseling will involve and may include food, supplement, vitamin and mineral plans. Full meal plans can be designed by our staff nutritionist.

Body Composition Testing

This test is a primary factor in evaluating an individual’s total health and fitness. It has a direct impact on your health, athletic performance, and even your life.  We have two methods of analysis available. The Tanita Body Composition Analyzer works by way of bioelectrical impedance.  We also offer Near-infrared light spectral data from the bicep is used for calculations with correlation coefficients equal to underwater weighing values.